Romanian Festival

What is All About

TID Systems is your partner in providing trustworthy IT support that can increase productivity and profitability in your business. With computer tech support that better maps to your business, you’ll never have to worry about technology again. Our services include full IT upgrades, migrations and support along with following features: planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of your IT infrastructure to support automated needs, monitoring, changing network configuration, configuring firewalls, routers, servers, load balancers and software or hardware support and upgrades, alarm systems, door access control and video surveillance.

  • More time to focus on core business functions
  • Instant access to highly specialized skills and resources
  • Reduce operating costs and expenses
  • Total hardware and software service and support
  • Economies of scale

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Discover MyCulture

The program is developed for middle school students as an after-school project where kids learn about our local international community with focus on their traditions, cuisine, history, music, literature social and family values. We introduce the students with local minority groups so they will have a first-hand experience on how other communities keep their culture alive. The pupils participate in local cultural festivals, cooking classes and celebration of traditional holidays.

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